Nooriabad Factory


To meet future requirements and challenges, product lines need to adjust to the changing needs of the market envionment. Adamjee Durabuilt spends substantial amount of its revenue on research and development. We established an R&D Department in 1991, which is lead by our team of well qualified technical personnel. It is based on studying and improving our engineering designs, ergonomics and process flows, as well as maintaining our research data base. Our customer service sales staff collects feedback from our clients and sends it to the R&D department, who then work to improve our processes and products.

In 1992, our R&D introduced a new concept of cable trunking DuraDuct, in Pakistan for the first time, which, over the years, has become the most common solution for open wiring in Pakistan.


The finished product can only be as good as the plastic die that produces it. Recognizing that fact, we regularly update and improve our dies to maintain the consistency of our product. Originally imported from Canada, we now manufacture our own quality dies and calibrators in-house. This not only helps us maintain our standards, but also allows us to quickly introduce new sizes or profiles into the market. Over the years, we have developed our own in-house comprehensive quality control program and operational control system, which forms the basics of our Quality Management System (QMS) approved by ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

The Quality control department takes samples from the production line at every stage of the manufacturing process, from each machine on every shift. Various tests, like Tensile Strength, Impact Strength and Elongation at Break Tests, are carried out in the laboratory to maintain ideal production parameters. Focused on constant process improvement, we continuously check our quality at every step, beginning with in-house compounding, through production, until the final stage of packing.

Exceptionally low flow loss is insured by the smooth inner surface of DuraDuct and DuraPipe. This same smoothness minimize the build-up of deposits that can be so costly in conventional pipes.

Each lenght has a unique batch number so that we can identify any problem and trace it back to its source. Random samples of products from each batch are taken by the quality control staff to ensure quality control.

We are ISO 9001:2015 cerified by UKAS