Electrical System


Adamjee DuraDuct & DuraSlot, effectively and economically conceals your wiring, protects the wires from damage and prevents your wiring from being an eyesore. It is durable and convenient to use, yet beautiful in craftsmanship. DuraDuct consists of a U-shaped channel body with a snap-on cover, which can be removed, as and when desired, to access the wires for installation, repairs or maintenance.

Adamjee DuraDuct is the safest open wiring option because it is made from uPVC material. Unlike other materials, synthetic or natural, it does not support combustion or corrosion therefore if a short circuit occurs the ducting will not burn and spread the fire. Its anti-corrosive element makes it durable in all weather condition, from salty, sea air to snow-packed mountains, making DuraDuct amazingly easy to maintain.


Adamjee DuraDuct gives you two clear benefits: secure concealment of wiring and an aesthetically appealing environment.

The number of wires can easily be increased or decreased as your needs change. This flexibility to meet your changing needs is part of what makes DuraDuct the leading methods of concealing open wiring systems.

  • White
  • Grey

Skirting, Main Circuit, Computer Wiring Switch Board / Panel, Sheathed Cable Wiring, Telephone & Intercom Wiring, Air-Conditioner / Chiller Plant Installation etc.

Sr.# Item Sizes
(Height x Width)
Standard Length
110 x 25 mm3 meter-
216 x 16 mm3 meter-
316 x 25 mm3 meter2 meter
416 x 38 mm3 meter2 meter
516 x 60 mm3 meter2 meter
625 x 25 mm3 meter2 meter
725 x 38 mm3 meter2 meter
825 x 60 mm3 meter2 meter
933 x 33 mm3 meter2 meter
1040 x 40 mm3 meter2 meter
1140 x 60 mm3 meter2 meter
1250 x 50 mm3 meter2 meter
1360 x 40 mm3 meter2 meter
1460 x 60 mm3 meter2 meter
1560 x 80 mm3 meter2 meter
1680 x 60 mm2 meter2 meter
1780 x 80 mm2 meter2 meter
18100 x 100 mm2 meter2 meter
19150 x 150 mm2 meter2 meter
Specific Gravity1.50
Tensile Strength (N/mm2)49.00
Elongation at Break (%)25.00
Shore D Hardness82.00
Impact Strength (IZOD. J/m)85.00
Vicat Softening Point (Deg. Cent)80.00

We are ISO 9001:2015 cerified by UKAS